What Do We Do?

The Coordinator of Student-Athlete Development partners with the Academic and Advising Career Center, Academic Support Services, Office of First Year Experience, SERVE Local, the Office of Residence Life and more to co-create Student Leadership workshops, Career Development workshops, academic support tools, community service and volunteer opportunities, and health and wellness initiatives to educate students on how to make healthy CHOICES.

These initiatives also offer student-athletes the opportunity to connect directly with Academic Support Services and understand specifically what support is available to them.

The Coordinator of Student-Athlete Development is available to meet with any of our student-athletes to discuss potential support services you may be eligible for, set academic goals, and formulate a plan to continuing to improve in the classroom.




Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes

The mission of the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes (ASPSA) is:

  • to support the recruitment, retention and graduation of Johnson student-athletes;
  • to provide a comprehensive support system that affords Johnson student-athletes equitable opportunity to pursue academic, personal, and  professional  development resources;
  • to complement the College’s goal of developing lifelong learners.

Overview: The athletic department provides three (3) central academic support services:

1. Academic Progress Reports– It is our goal to maintain a strong academic standing for our student-athletes. Student-Athletes are encouraged to turn in their progress report to their coach or graduate assistant every two weeks. The progress reports will show for each class the teachers input of the student-athletes attendance, participation, progress, overall grade (if available), professor comments, and professor signature.
2. Learning Objectives  – Students will be informed of and engage with the following skill workshops by the end of their career at Johnson:
FIRST YEAR:                   
      i.    First semester: Time Management – Understand what it takes to effectively manage time between studies, athletics and social life.
      ii.    Second semester: Campus Resources Available – Educational Technology, Academic Support Services
SECOND YEAR:                                         
     i.    First semester: Experiential Learning: What is available by way of service learning and internships and how can you prepare for them?
     ii.    Second semester: Resume Building: Learn how to take practical work experience and turn it into a strong resume.
     i.    First semester: Multiple Intelligence: Understand what it means to know your own multiple intelligences and how to leverage them.
     ii.    Second semester: Conflict Resolution: What is conflict resolution and how does that play out in academic, athletic and/or professional settings
      i.    First semester: Life after Johnson: Deciding whether you want to pursue graduate work or a career right out of college can be daunting. Take advantage of our on campus resources to figure out what is best for you
    ii.    Second semester: Networking 101: Learn how to make a network and keep your network working for you.
3. Student-Athlete Peer Mentors (TO BEGIN FA16) –First year student-athletes will be paired up with a mentor for the duration of their first year.  
  1. Mentors can be within the same team or across teams but shall be the same gender
  2. The objective for this relationship is to be an extra level of support to assist the mentee with academics, athletics and social aspects of student life.

Student-Athlete Academic Progress Report Tracker

Academic Progress Report Sheet

 What is Academic Support Services?

Academic Support Services provides a range of support to all Johnson students as they progress through their college careers.  Our goal is to provide support that empowers students to successfully complete their college education and prepares them for further education and employment.  Academic Support Services is partially funded by a federal TRIO grant from the U.S. Department of Education.


Academic Support Services welcomes our student-athletes to stop by and see how they can excel in the classroom as well as on the playing surfaces!